Our Mission

We engage in the breeding and propagation of endangered species to help insure sustainable populations with genetic diversity while participating in and supporting reintroduction of these species into their native habitats. We also provide work space and opportunities for ongoing research and further education aimed towards preserving these endangered animals.

Our Projects

Currently we are focused on the propagation of three species that are either critically endangered, or extinct in the wild:

Addax Antelope

The Addax is very high on the IUCN’s red list as “critically endangered” and their numbers in the wild are dwindling. more >

Scimitar-horned Oryx

These beautiful African Antelope are now officially extinct in the wild, listed by IUCN's Red List. more>

Bongo Antelope

The eastern bongo numbers have been reduced to between eighty to one hundred in the wild with more animals in captivity than in nature. more>

Support Our Work

Below are a few methods by which you can make a donation to our cause. Although a monetary gift goes a long way in the support of The WCC, we are also seeking donations in the form of volunteers.