There are countless ways to get involved with our organization.

If you’re the type that likes to see the fruits of your labor, check out our volunteer opportunities where you can directly affect those we serve. We also appreciate those that may not have the time but have the wherewithal to make a difference financially. If you’re interested in seeing what’s going on, visit our calendar of events

Throughout the year we have many projects in which we certainly could use plenty of help. One of the most valued donations to our cause is the time that folks like you give to help with construction and animal care. When you physically come and put your heart into working at our facility that makes you a partner with us and also helps to spread awareness at the grassroots level.

We recognize that it can be difficult to take time out of your busy schedules and we greatly appreciate your precious gift of time and labor.



We are continuously installing fence and building everything from barns to weather shelters to watering stations. Whether you are a seasoned carpenter or have no experience at all many hands make easy work and are always welcomed.


This year we will be reclaiming over 30 acres of new pasture land. There is lots to do now that the land has been cleared. First comes the cleaning up of small debris then seeding and fertilizing to get it ready for fencing. There is need for folks who can operate farm equipment but there is also lots of hands on work too.  Come have some fun with us!


If you want an awesome experience and to feel the true satisfaction doing something extra special to help save endangered animals, please email us at [email protected].