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When she was not busy caring for our animals here at the center our staff Veterinarian, Dr. Karen Holm, was grinding away at finishing an additional masters degree in Wildlife Conservation Medicine. The three year program took her to exotic places such as Tiger and Elephant preserves in India and The Cheetah Conservation Center in

Our staff Veterinarian Dr. Karen Holm is putting the finishing touches on a research dissertation that will complete an additional conservation medicine degree with the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Plans are to have this research published. This project deals with developing a selection process and criteria for choosing animals to be used for sending

Here at the Center we are putting the finishing touches on an additional habitat area for our Addax group. This new enclosure allows them acres of pasture with many different grass types to graze on. They will also have access to the heated barn. Knowing the Addax they will be happiest with the shade trees